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Every business owns IP; the more successful ones treat it with care. We offer:

• protection and/or registration of IP (patent, trade mark, design rights, copyright, trade secrets)
• best practice commercialisation strategies to help businesses identify and realise the value of their IP
• agreements and documents needed to deal with IP in the market and the workplace

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IP Asset Care:
We can design an IP management package tailored for your business.

We streamline the internal and external impact of IP on your business by looking after IP audit, IP budget forecasting, royalty and licence management, registration maintenance, staff reward schemes for creators and inventors, brand guidelines and IP & commercialisation policies.


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We are specialists in dealing with IT projects, IT procurement and online trading.

We provide
• specialist agreements for creators, buyers and sellers of IT covering
- software development and design
- support, maintenance and hosting services
- hardware supply and product development
- outsourcing and IT projects

• advice on avoiding IT project slippage or failure
• website terms and conditions and e-commerce regulatory compliance
• policies on privacy, cookies, IT security and social networking


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The commercial courts are full of people who didn't have a written contract – don’t risk your business with a gentleman's agreement.

we provide
• contracts that reflect what's happening on the ground
• standard terms of business to tell the world how you do business
• evaluation of existing contracts to ensure you've got the best deal and are keeping pace with changes in the law

We guide you through the contract lifecycle with customers, suppliers and partners - from confidential discussions, planning, negotiation, contract and relationship management to renewal and exit.

Whatever stage you're at with your business, we create the agreements with other parties to manage what you're doing with your goods and services: product design, research & development, prototyping, manufacturing, supply of goods or services, consultancy, maintenance, outsourcing, marketing, advertising or merchandising.

We help you choose the best route to domestic and international markets: direct sale or licensing, distribution, franchise, reseller or agency and then write the contracts to manage the model and help your trading relationships run smoothly.


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When you take the decision to grow your business and expand into new markets, we can help with setting up the franchise arrangement.

We work with franchisors and franchisees in taking the next step in their business.
We prepare the contract needed for the franchise and advise on the key areas of royalties, branding, operations, termination and non-compete provisions.

Madden Black is the legal provider on the SEED Franchise IT programme and
the Social Franchising Programme.

If you are interested in franchising your business or organisation or owning a franchisee business contact us to find out about the training and support available.


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You invest time and money in marketing and advertising campaigns – don’t let this go to waste by falling foul of regulations in this area.

• Simply send us your advertisements before they go live and we check that they comply with advertising standards and you get the small print right
• Allow us to prepare the important terms and conditions for promotional activity with customers – prize draws, competitions, special offers, loyalty schemes and gift cards
• If you outsource this area of your business to marketing specialists put an agreement in place so both parties understand what they get from the deal
• We prepare internal tools and training for marketing personnel on how to spot the issues


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It’s crucial to make sure your business operates within the law.

We want you to carry on with what you’re good at – doing business - and let us take care of the legals.

We work with you to identify the legislation that applies to your business and create or update internal documents, policies and processes.

We forecast the changes that you may have to make to keep up with legal developments. We then prepare easy reference guides for you and your staff.

We review national and international legislation, regulations and industry codes that apply to your business.

Here are some of the areas we’ve looked at for clients:-

• Company law and corporate governance
• Packaging, labelling and transportation regulations
• Commercial agents regulations
• Pharmaceutical and medical devices
• Marketing legislation and advertising standards
• Data protection and Freedom of Information
• e-commerce regulations and distance selling
• Consumer protection
• Telecoms regulations and OFCOM codes


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We understand that the strength of a business lies in the people behind it.

We will:
• ensure that your business keeps pace with changes in employment law
• prepare contracts of employment, staff policies and incentive schemes to reward staff creativity and contribution
• work with HR and recruitment specialists to deliver bespoke services when you need them


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Collaborations bring together resources, expertise and specialisms to explore and create something innovative or find a new way of meeting the demands of changing markets.

Our first-hand experience of collaborative and consortium projects means we can advise on all stages of the project lifecycle from local and international funding applications, project management, partner relationships through to commercialisation of IP in project results.

We produce the agreements that manage the collaborative relationship, projects under the collaboration and the IP arising from them.

These can include:

• Confidentiality agreements
• Memoranda of Understanding
• Material Transfer Agreements
• Proof of Concept and Feasibility Study Agreements
• Grant / Funding Agreements
• Collaboration Agreements
• Research Agreements and research sub-contracts
• Staff exchanges and secondment
• IP and Commercialisation Agreements